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Experience Plan


Arabian Art Hotel you can experience in this facility

Five things you can do with Arabian Art HotelHow many can everyone do?
  • Rental costume

    • You can be an Aladdin, Sinbad, or Arabia princess!

      By looking at this page, you must have longed for the world of AladdinIt is not this lamp ... but the Arabian Art Hotel Costume Hall that will make such a dream come true.We have a large selection of costumes from Egypt and Turkey, and you can choose from over 100 costumes from the Middle East to wear and shoot at our facility.If you wear a costume and pose, you will be in the world of ArabianEnjoy a different experience in a luxurious photogenic space.

      *This is a limited service for hotel guests.
    • 【Rental overview】

      ■Fare:1,100 yen (tax included) / 1 person (Reservations are accepted from 2 people.)
      ■Use:We have a time reservation.
      Please be sure to tell us your desired time by "phone" after booking.
      Tel:04-7098-2100(Telephone reservation reception::10:00 to 21:00 except Thursday)
      The shooting time frame is limited to only 4 frames per day.
      (breakdown:10 minutes for costume selection, 10 minutes for changing into ethnic costumes, 30 minutes for photography, 10 minutes for changing into casual clothes Total 60 minutes per frame)

      *Daily time slots are accepted in order of telephone reservation.We recommend that you make an early phone reservation.
      *Even if it is a set plan, you may not be able to shoot if you do not contact us for a time reservation.
      *Please have your camera ready.Basically, it is a customer's own shooting.
      *Please complete check-in 15 minutes before the costume slot reservation time.
  • Anniversary Plan

    • Please spend a special time with your loved one.

      Spend a special day with your loved ones on your precious anniversary!
      plan that comes with a decoration cake and a costume commemorative photo!
      It can be used to commemorate your trip, even if it is not an anniversary.
      Over 100 costumes have been ordered from Egypt and Turkey.
      Put on your favorite outfit and become the main character of Arabian

      ■Fare:6,600 yen(Tax included)
      ■Please let us know the message to put in the cake by phone.
      【Example】〇〇Anniversary / Happy〇〇/〇〇&〇〇
      Tel:04-7098-2100(Telephone reservation reception::10:00 to 21:00 except Thursday)
      *This service is available only to hotel guests.
      *Please call us to reserve time for your costume.
      *If you do not make a time reservation by phone, you may not be able to experience the costume.
  • Open-air bath jacuzzi

    • Private open-air bath jacuzzi overlooking the Pacific Ocean

      ■Fare:3,300 yen per set(Tax included)/1 hour*Reservation required

      *There are no facilities for washing your head or body in the jacuzzi pool.Please use the bath shower in the guest room.
      *We recommend wearing a swimsuit.Please bring your own.
      *Limited to 5 groups per day, time reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis for phone reservations.
      *It may not be available depending on the weather conditions (rain, thunder, snow, low temperature) on the day.
      *This service is available only to hotel guests.
      Tel:04-7098-2100(Telephone reservation reception::10:00 to 21:00 except Thursday)
  • Making Turkish lamps(Coming soon)

    • Let's make a Turkish lamp

      Arabian Art Hotel Salon is filled with enchanting sparkling lamps and chandeliers.It's a waste to just look at such a glittering lamp.How about making only one lamp for you in the world?

      ★☆★ coming soon ☆★☆

      ■Fare:●Circle(Tax included)
      Tel:04-7098-2100(Telephone reservation reception::10:00 to 21:00)
  • Porcelain art(Ceramic painting)

    • Let's paint on white porcelain

      Arabian Art Hotel is also a professor of Vogue instructor qualifications, so you can get more serious guidance.
      Enjoy your original work by running a picture brush on white porcelain such as tea cups and pots, photo frames and brooches, pendant tops, and audible plates.
      Also, for those who are worried because they don't have a drawing heart, you can freely play with the porcelain art sheet.
      From your hands, great works like Meissen and Herend Sèvres are born.
      The work will be sent after firing at 800 ° C to 1200 ° C in the kiln of this facility.
      If you have a request, please let us know the available reservation time by phone.

      ■Fare:5,500 JPY(Tax included)
      Tel:04-7098-2100(Telephone reservation reception::10:00 to 21:00)
    • Workation


      Arabian Art Hotel provides a space where you can work without feeling like you are traveling.

      So that nomads can also use it,
      A coworking space like an overseas cafe
      We have a rental private room (1h/2,200 yen, 16:00-21:00) that allows you to concentrate on remote work.
      Private rooms require advance reservations (Phone: 04-7098-2100).