【Official】Arabian Art Hotel

An elegant holiday in Little Egypt with an exotic atmosphere

To the extraordinary world as if you were lost in the story of Thousand and One Nights.
If you wear an oriental costume, it's Egypt.
Drink, talk, dance and dream of your own Arabian Nights here.

Please spend a special time only for you

  • Owner greeting

    I created a hotel called Arabian Art Hotel Arabia (broadly Middle East) world including Egypt where I grew up.
    We hope that you will take advantage of your long stay in Egypt and take a trip to the world of One Thousand and One Nights in a space full of passion and exoticism.
    Kamo River, one of Japan's leading resorts, and the sea shining in cobalt blue, high-quality Mediterranean Sea style course meals, and fun and personalized services.
    Enjoy traveling abroad without a passport while staying in Japan.
    All the staff will be waiting for you.
  • Arabian Art Hotel History

    Arabian Art Hotel Hotel is an authentic petit hotel where you can experience the Middle East world, which was opened in Japan in 2002 by the owner who moved to Egypt from 1985 Arab
    It was founded from the owner's strong desire to be fascinated by the culture and temperament of people, which is completely different from Japan, and to let many people know the world.
    The hotel itself is a work, inspired by the ideas of the architect's father and the painter's mother, including numerous paintings and furnishings.
    Even now, the owner and his wife continue to create and collect various decorations and interiors, and you can enjoy the Arabian

Facility information

Experience Plan

  • plan to enjoy with Arabian Art Hotel

    We have prepared plan that you can enjoy in this facility, such as rental costume experience that is very popular on SNS and manufacturing experience that you can work on your creation carefully.


House studio

  • About rental as a house studio

    Ideal for fashion magazines, PV shooting, TV and Youtube locations.Arabian Art Hotel such as courtyards, restaurants and salons, you can take pictures as if you were in a city on the Mediterranean Sea coast such as Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Greece, Italy and Turkey.
    (Reservation required paid service.Please call us.)
  • To cosplayers

    An additional charge of 550 yen (tax included) will be charged for taking pictures of your own costumes.In this case, there is no limit on the shooting time during business hours (15:30 to 22:00 on the day of stay / 8:00 to 10:00 on the next day).

    If you take a commercial photo without permission, we will charge the equivalent of the house studio fee.(Image UP in the SNS is OK!) "Notice" Please confirm the Arabian Art Hotel cosplay photography convention in the, on your signature to the Arabian Art Hotel cosplay photography Terms of Agreement, please submit to the front desk on the day at check-in.

Sightseeing and transportation access

  • There are many attractive places in Boso and Kamo River

    Arabian Art Hotel is a 7-minute drive to Kamogawa Sea WorldA good location 5 minutes by car to Maebara Beach, which was selected as Japan's Top 100 BeachesLocated in Minami Boso National Monument, a wonderful location adjacent to the Battlefield Park and Uomizuka Observatory.It can also be used as a core base for sightseeing around Boso

Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.